Nursery & Greenhouse

Explore a world of lush possibilities at Swiss Precision with our exceptional range of shrubs and bushes, greenhouses. From stunning flowering varieties to resilient evergreens, discover the perfect plants to elevate your landscape. Our greenhouse-grown selection ensures quality, resilience, and thriving beauty, offering you the best for your garden design aspirations


supplies and bulk

Garden and Yard Care Supplies

We’re passionate about offering more than just exceptional plants. Explore our comprehensive selection of gardening essentials and décor to elevate your outdoor oasis. Nurture your garden with our high-quality watering cans and a range of top-notch garden and yard care chemicals and fertilizers, ensuring your plants thrive. Add personality to your landscape with our diverse collection of yard decor, including charming pots, baskets, and elegant fountains. Accentuate your garden’s charm with our unique signs, adding a touch of character and whimsy to your outdoor space. At our nursery, we’re dedicated to providing not just plants but everything you need to create a stunning, personalized garden sanctuary.

Bulk inventory

Being a landscaping company, we have various bulk inventory available for purchase including but not limited to:

  • topsoil
  • compost
  • potting soil
  • sand
  • gravel (various sizes)
  • road base
  • river rock (various sizes)
  • landscaping rocks 
  • bark
  • firewood

We also have the ability to order custom bulk items if you are looking for unique and specific bulk product for you landscaping project.

Seeds & Bulbs

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